Myopia Control in Kenya

Myopia has doubled its hold on the world to become one of the most serious concerns in public health.

What’s it?

It’s a condition of the eye that causes blurred distance vision also referred to as short-sightedness.   

Myopia in Kenya

Myopia thrives on both genetic and lifestyle grounds. Lifestyle causes are mainly wrapped around people spending tons of their time indoors on books and screens. Kenya as one of the developing countries faces an immense risk that cuts across the school going generation in this demanding education era and the internet-charmed millenials in this high-tech error.

The Danger

Higher myopia accelerates the risk of other severe eye conditions including cataract, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy and the retinal detachment. These pathologies are the leading causes of visual impairment and even blindness. 


Specific initiatives to enhance the quality life and mitigate future threats have been implemented to prevent myopia progression. These are known as myopia control measures and range from providing special contact lenses to administering curative measures like atropine eye drops. The later has especially proved of be effective in reducing lifetime risk of ocular conditions in children. The use of bifocal or progressive lenses (contact lenses or spectacles) yields a slow myopia by limiting eye accommodation.

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