Ausbildung auf den Phillipinen

Our eyes are essential for our overall health. Therefore, you must take action to maintain your eyes healthy. Meanwhile, an optometrist is among the best partner for our eye needs. Being an optometrist is among the noble jobs today. Well, are you an aspiring optometrist in the Philippines? Then, this article is best for you.

Before learning about the optometry in the Philippines, let us know first what optometry is.

What is optometry?

Optometry is a profession that includes examining the eyes as well as visual systems to determine eye defects and other medical conditions. Optometry started with the main focus of refractive error correction using spectacles. However, these days, optometry already involves medical training for management and diagnosis of ocular disease on its educational curriculum. The new curriculum is already regulated and established in the different parts of the world, including in the United States, Philippines, India, and Malaysia, Hong Kong as well as other countries.

Optometry in the Philippines

Do you dream of being an optometrist in the Philippines? Then, you must learn about the following ideas.

The Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines regulates optometry. You can be a licensed optometrist if you have satisfactorily received a degree in doctor of optometry in an accredited institution. It is also essential that you demonstrate good moral and doesn’t have the previous record of professional misconduct.

The professional organizations in the country involve the Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists, Inc. and Optometric Association of the Philippines. If you are looking for schools in the Philippines that offer the Optometry course, you can choose from the following:

Philippine Schools for Optometry

 Emilio Aguinaldo College- Cavite Campus

 Manila Central University

 Cebu Doctor’s University

 Centro Escolar University

 Davao Doctors College

 Mindanao Medical Foundation College

 Asian College Foundation

Careers for Optometry graduates

If you are an Optometry graduate in the Philippines, you can get many job opportunities like the following:

 Orthoptist

 Optometrist

 Ocularist

 Ophthalmic Assistant

 Clinical Consultant

 Optometric Journalist

 Refractionist

 Epidemiologist/ Researcher

 College Instructor

 Optician

 Businessman

If you choose to take Optometry, it is a 6 years degree program wherein its curriculum includes 2 years with pre-optometry subjects and supplementary 4 years for optometry proper. As you take the Philippines’ education in Optometry, you can learn different courses which include:

 Physiological Optics

 Human Anatomy and Physiology

 Theoretical Optometry

 Theoretical Optics

 Ocular Prosthetics

 Occupational and Industrial Optometry

 General Pathology

 Ocular Diseases

 Refraction

 General Pharmacology

 Neuro-Optometry/ Neuro-Anatomy

 Contact Lens

 Optometry Economics and Practice Management

 Pediatric Optometry

 Binocular Vision

 Optometry Medicine and more

Aside from the programs mentioned above, you can also take On the Job Training at clinics, hospitals as well as other healthcare facilities. With this, you can put into practice the knowledge and skills that you have to learn with your course.

If your dream is to be an optometrist, you must have a dedication to pursue your goals. It takes patience to complete an Optometry degree. As you get your dream job, it is also essential to maintain your good reputation to make the most of your career.