The Education of Optometry in Kenia

Optometry is a healthcare profession and a substantial discipline in the line of eye care and vision as it involves examining, diagnosing and treating the eyes, and identifying the conditions that affect the vision and the vision information processing. Optometry further examines and diagnose other disorders that are likely to affect the human eyes as... Weiterlesen →

The Education of Optometrie in USA and China

USA optometry schools require a baccalaureate degree for applicants to be eligible for matriculation. To apply, you must complete an OptomCAS application online and take the Optometry Admissions Test (OAT). The OAT is administered continuously throughout the year in the USA. The OAT covers Natural Sciences, Physics, Reading Comprehension, and Quantitative Reasoning. OptomCAS is a... Weiterlesen →

The Education of Optometry in the Philippines

Our eyes are essential for our overall health. Therefore, you must take action to maintain your eyes healthy. Meanwhile, an optometrist is among the best partner for our eye needs. Being an optometrist is among the noble jobs today. Well, are you an aspiring optometrist in the Philippines? Then, this article is best for you.... Weiterlesen →

The Education of Optometry in Pakistan

The School of Optometry in Pakistan is a five-year program. Seven institutes offer a degree in optometry, most of which are colleges of medicine. Practical training in hospitals and laboratories accounts for 60% of their training. Likewise,American Optometric Association (AOA), Pakistan has the Pakistan Optometric Association (POA). In Pakistan, the field of optimizing optometry is... Weiterlesen →

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